An election is a decision. Should the incumbent stay in office or should he/she be replaced. I think the answer is found in looking at the candidate’s accomplishments, experience, education, community engagement, and future plans. Continue reading below to see the “Top 5 Reasons To Re-Elect Judge Craig Clymer”.

Your ONLY FULL-TIME Judge Executive Candidate

We’ve grown McCracken County’s economic status from desperate to STRONG.


(First 3-Years As Judge Executive)
  • Brought County from poor to strong financial position
  • Built a strong team of in-house dedicated professionals
  • Pay increases for Sheriff Dept. to cut deputy and staff losses
  • Negotiated Bluegrass Downs 40 acres donation to the County
  • Created Sports Tourism Commission funded by nonresident visitors
  • Developing Sports Park for soccer, baseball, softball, other activity
  • Moving children from a landfill to a state of the art facility
  • Collaborating with City on multiple projects for mutual efficiency
  • Racial Unity meetings and “United We Stand” mural project
  • Upgrades and increased use of Carson Park
  • Assisted Sprocket coding locating in Coke Plant
  • McCracken and Paducah Water merger for huge resident savings
  • Solar farm development to support economic development
  • On the verge of enormous projects, great wages, thousands of jobs
  • Sports flooring in Convention Center for volleyball and basketball
  • New Industrial Development Authority for industrial park land

“My philosophy is to proactively search for and take any action that will benefit McCracken County; with these principle guidelines: a. will it benefit the County?, b. can we afford it?, c. where does it rank compared to other projects? I believe the above is a strong list of achievements in only 3 years, half of which was during a pandemic.” – Judge Craig Clymer


  • 3 years as the current elected McCracken Judge Executive
  • 23 years KY State Judge (6 District Judge and 17 Circuit Judge)
  • 4 years judicial attorney, U.S. District Court, Paducah
  • 10 years law enforcement (1 yr McCracken Co., and 9 yrs Paducah)
  • 12 yrs. United States Dept. Of Defense Ombudsman

    for Returning Veterans

“Leading a County our size is a tremendous honor. It is also difficult, demanding, and requires meticulous adherence to county, state, and federal laws and regulations. My prior legal and law enforcement experience, along with 3 years “on the job” as Judge Executive has been invaluable in moving McCracken County forward.” – Judge Executive Craig Clymer


  • *Northern Ky University, law degree (Juris Doctorate), 1988
  • *Eastern Ky. University, Bachelors Degree, Law Enforcement, 1977
  • *Murray State, one-half credits for Masters, Public Admin, 1987-88
  • *Paducah Community College, Assoc. Degree, 1974
  • *National Judicial College, Reno, Nv., Certified Mediator, 2016
  • *Northwestern Univ, Chicago, Economics Seminars, 2012-16
  • *George Mason Univ., Fairfax, Va., Economics Seminars 2011-15

“My law degree, law enforcement degree, education in public administration and economics, and certification as a mediator, equip me to address all aspects of county administration. I know the law, I understand government administration, know Economics theories, and how to negotiate in the County’s behalf.” – Judge Executive Craig Clymer


  • Greater Paducah Economic Development
  • Paducah-McCracken Industrial Development Authority
  • *Paducah-McCracken Chamber of Commerce
  • Tennessee Tombigbee Waterway Authority
  • Purchase Area Health Department
  • McCracken County Health Department
  • Purchase Area Development District
  • Paducah-McCracken Joint E-911
  • Barkley Regional Airport Terminal Board
  • West Kentucky Alliance for a Vibrant Economy
  • G.P.E.D. – Greater Paducah Economic Development

  • P.A.C.R.O. Paducah Area Community Reuse Organization
  • Paducah Junior College Foundation
  • West Kentucky Coalition
  • Kentucky County Judge Executive Association
  • K.A.C.O. Kentucky Association of Counties
  • McCracken County Bar Association
  • Kentucky Bar Association

“I am heavily engaged and active in all aspects of county government, working closely with other leaders and groups for the benefit of the entire region.” – Judge Executive Craig Clymer


  • We will acquire one or more plants that will employ thousands of jobs and pay an average $80,000 to $100,000 wage.
  • Complete Sports Complex bringing many thousands of visitors and their money into our County.
  • Promote McCracken as a sports tourism community (soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, basketball, tennis, pickleball
  • Complete Barkley Airport terminal
  • Further upgrades and increase use of Carson Park as a venue
  • Acquire more land and prepare existing land for economic development
  • Complete E911 Communications system for City and County first responders
  • Continue fiscally responsible practices

We have the momentum. McCracken County has already emerged as a far more sound, energetic and accomplished community. I am eager to continue leading toward even greater achievements. I am confident that our future is STRONG. – Judge Executive Craig Clymer


As we draw near to the end of my first term, view the slides below to see our accomplishments thus far.

Respectfully, I believe I have proven my ability to lead our McCracken County on to even greater accomplishments. This is a fulltime-plus job. It demands, and I give, my full attention to County business. I have no personal business to distract me. I have a great team of professionals. We are all highly trained, experienced, motivated, educated, and moving McCracken County FORWARD at a tremendous pace. And consider that our accomplishments were during a year and two-year long pandemic. With this team of talent, this level of experience, this progress, please ask yourself: “Why change leadership?” “Why change direction?” It is as simple as that.

I ask you to join my team: “McCracken Forward.” I ask you to allow me to continue leading McCracken County as your Judge Executive. I ask for your vote. I ask for your support. Together, we will make McCracken County an even more outstanding home for all of us.